1. Elephant (2003)

    Based in part on the 1999 Columbine High School massacre.

  2. Enoch Brae: “We have so little time to say the things we mean.”

  3. Restless

  4. Alex: “I’m so sorry, just please… stay. Just tell me the truth, just tell me what happened. I don’t care, I’m not going to let him hurt you anymore. Listen to me, I’m in love with you. If you stay, I promise there’s no safer place in the world than with me. You don’t have to be scared… I love you… Please stay.”

  5. Katie: “Does it get better… with time?”
    Alex: “Yeah… Yeah… At first I tried to avoid every place we went together. I tried to put it behind me. I tried to step forward. But it just didn’t work. And I realized if I’m not thinking about her, then who is? She didn’t deserve that; she was an amazing woman and I loved her, and I want my children to know that.”

  6. Caitlin MacNamara: “I never had a best friend before.”

  7. Schmidt

  8. Anna Karenina: “If you have any thought for me, you will give me back my peace!”
    Count Vronsky: “There can be no peace for us, only misery, and the greatest happiness.”


  9. "Accorgersi di vivere nell’estasi"

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  11. Uffie by Ysa Perez

  12. Nancy Sinatra

  13. The month of the grape harvest, René Magritte, 1959

  14. Kelly Mittendorf by Hong Jang Hyun

  15. Rebeca Marcos by Rahel Weiss for i-D Magazine December 2013/4